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April 2015

Keeping On

There’s something beautiful about life.

Life keeps keeping on.

There’s a gritty beauty to that.

Think about Dublin.

Dublin and it’s weather.

A beautiful day in Dublin is a joy to behold.

The fruit stalls on the old streets.

The young ones strolling around.

A rainy, blustery, winters day in Dublin.

Just like anywhere else sees the opposite.

Ghost streets.

Full doorways.

We’re always unprepared.

But then you have those few people.

The ones who fight on.

The ones who must earn their bread.

They sell their fruit on the old streets.

Bananas and strawberries.

Only two Euro.

They keep keeping on.

I am Timi

Stand Tall

My glass is half full.

My cup runneth over.

I find myself.

Standing tall

My glass is half empty.

My cup slowly empties.

I find myself.

Slouching down.

The analogy of the half full or half empty cup is overused. It is always relevant but it is overused.

I went through a phase of defining my state of mind using the cup and the state I interpreted its contents.

I find I am still doing that.

Now however I don’t care if the cup is half full.

And I don’t care if the same cup is half empty.

My cup, is full of whiskey.

That’s how I see it.

Enjoy all of life you can.

To the fullest.

Stand tall.

I am Timi

Reminiscing (1)

Rat a tat tat.

The sound came from down the hall.

Rat a tat tat.

The sound came from inside the room.

Rat a tat tat.

The sound was made at my fingertips…

I went to this secondary school back in the 90s when I was still in Nigeria that was so behind the times.

When everyone else in the world was on Compaq computers (remember those?) we were still on typewriters.

Rat a tat tat.

I still miss the sounds and smell and the resistance of the keys and hammers hitting the fresh ribbon and paper.

Rat a tat tat.

The sound comes from my fingertips.

Rat a tat tat.

The sound comes from down the hall.

Rat a tat tat.

The sound comes from memory.

I am Timi

Photograph taken in Dublin Vintage Factory a few days ago. One of my favorite caves in the city. An oasis of calm in a sea of ‘cool’


Everywhere I go.

I’m attracted to the light.

Like a moth to a flame.

An animal in the dark.

I seek solace in the light.

The spark of creativity.

The glow of commitment.

The humming of perseverance.

Everywhere I go.

I’m attracted to the light.

I am Timi

Image taken in new store and creative space, Bread and Bones… Good food; fast!


Looking and seeing.

They’re not quite the same.

To look is trivial.

To see is to perceive.

To perceive is to feel.

To feel is to understand.

Find a way to illuminate.

To shine a light.

In the direction your eyes look.

Turn looking into seeing.

I am Timi

Brick by Brick

It takes a little, to make a lot.

A little.

A little more.

And a little more again.

It takes many bricks.

To build a house.

But you always start with one.

One brick.

One brick more.

And another brick again.

It takes perseverance.

It takes dedication.

It takes a brick.

Then another.

It takes a little, to make a lot.

I am Timi


It’s continuous.

This process.

It’s continuous.

This process of learning.

To learn is to understand.

To understand is to build.

To build is to grow.

This process of learning.

Is to grow.

To continue to learn.

Is to continue to live.

To live is to learn.

The end of learning.

Is the beginning of dying.

I am Timi

Another Side

When I started writing writing this blog, it was always with the intention of exploring my subjective headspace with each shot as I continue to mature into my photography.

I often wonder why I continue, even though I know I cannot stop. 

I e never understood so much.

I’ve never felt so in control.

I’ve never felt so much myself than I have since I’ve started writing.

Since I’ve started to think about where and what I’m doing. Not just while taking photographs, but at all times.

I’ve accepted something I never really had.


It’s really very interesting to me.

Last year I was told, “creating is therapeutic”

But I never felt like I created anything.

Bit by bit I’m accepting that I am.

Bit by bit I’m enjoying the enjoyment I get from creating.

Bit by bit, I’m getting in touch.

In touch with another side.

I am Timi


I was sitting sipping on a cup of tea at a very informal interview.

I was asked a question.

A funny one.

The kind of question that makes you sit back.

 The kind of question that makes you think for a second longer.

“What makes you happy?”

Easy words to utter, a difficult reply to put together.

How do you explain something so difficult, yet easy a concept to understand.


What makes me smile?

What makes my heart skip a beat?

What gives me that extra pep in my step?


It doesn’t take much.

Not much to make me happy.

A stroll along the river.

Having a camera in my hand.

It doesn’t take much.

Not much to make me happy.

Happiness is like a production line in a factory.

You flick a switch.

It takes some time.

It takes procedures.

It takes more time.

Then the line gets moving.

Happiness is made.

Happiness is self sustaining.

However factories always have issues along the line.

Do you shut down the machine?

Do you stop producing happiness?

Do you fix the problem on the line?

Flicking the switch off means going through the process.

The process of getting the line moving again.

Do you see the point?

Happiness is down to you.

You are in control of the switch.

Happiness is inside you.

Flick on the switch.

Let happiness sustain itself.

I am Timi


Sometimes the obvious isn’t quite so.


Sometimes what’s right in front of you isn’t quite seen.


Sometimes the path isn’t quite lit.


Sometimes what you see isn’t quite what is there.






Look again.

Look once more.

It might take a while longer.

Sometimes a cautious state will get you there.

I am Timi


Sometimes the most important thing to do is to stop doing.

Start writing.

Sometimes writing is doing.

Start writing.

Writing the past.

Feeling the present.

Informing the future.

Start writing.

No matter how insignificant the story.

Start writing.

No matter what you want to say.

Start writing.

If only to tell your side of the story.

Start writing.

To learn the truth about yourself.

Start writing.

Leave your mark upon the world.

I am Timi

Photograph captured in The Stormy Teacup in Limerick City ❀️

Butts & Blooms

Life takes us through so much.

Butts & blooms.

Life is full of extremes.

Butts & blooms.

Life is a rollercoater.

Butts & blooms.

You gotta get down sometimes.

Before you can come up.

Butts & blooms.

Persevere the rough.

Enjoy the smooth.

Life is ups and downs.

It’s butts and blooms…

I am Timi

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