I was sitting sipping on a cup of tea at a very informal interview.

I was asked a question.

A funny one.

The kind of question that makes you sit back.

 The kind of question that makes you think for a second longer.

“What makes you happy?”

Easy words to utter, a difficult reply to put together.

How do you explain something so difficult, yet easy a concept to understand.


What makes me smile?

What makes my heart skip a beat?

What gives me that extra pep in my step?


It doesn’t take much.

Not much to make me happy.

A stroll along the river.

Having a camera in my hand.

It doesn’t take much.

Not much to make me happy.

Happiness is like a production line in a factory.

You flick a switch.

It takes some time.

It takes procedures.

It takes more time.

Then the line gets moving.

Happiness is made.

Happiness is self sustaining.

However factories always have issues along the line.

Do you shut down the machine?

Do you stop producing happiness?

Do you fix the problem on the line?

Flicking the switch off means going through the process.

The process of getting the line moving again.

Do you see the point?

Happiness is down to you.

You are in control of the switch.

Happiness is inside you.

Flick on the switch.

Let happiness sustain itself.

I am Timi