Sometimes we don’t see the beauty of the city around us.

We are too enveloped in our own lives.

We are engrossed in our own world.

We have made islands of ourselves.

Secluded from the outside world.

We miss the color.

The pomp.

The vibrancy.

The contrast.

We miss the essence of what makes the city.

All it takes is something different.

A glance in a new direction.

An extra second before the lights change.

All it takes is something different.

That is all.

There is much much more to the things we see everyday. That place you walked by has a story you will never know until you ask the right question. That cafe who’s owner has a tale to tell. That piece of art that was inspired by a story you’ll struggle to believe. You just have to pause, wonder, ask.

That is all.

I am Timi