Closer and closer.

Much closer than before.

Closer to life.

Closer to love.

Everyday I feel.

Closer and closer.

Closer to something.

Closer to me.

Today I feel.

Closer and closer.

Yesterday I felt.

Closer to nature.

I strolled around an ancient ruin.

Imagining the lives of town from long ago.

The screaming kids.

The plodding livestock.

The nobles and the outsiders.

Walking over moats.

Ducking under arches.

I’m strangely drawn to this little scene.

Caterpillars feasting.

On a little plant.

Like they’ve done for thousands of years.

And strangely I feel connected.

I feel closer.

Closer and closer.

To something much bigger.

Much bigger than me.

I am Timi