We all go through it.

We all go through a time.

A time when we ask ourselves.

What is life?

What’s the point.

Why am I here.

What is the MEANING of life.

Never has there been a more loaded question.

Asked by so many.

A question that has raised armies.

A question that has formed religion.

A question that has plagued mankind.

I don’t claim to have the answer.

I claim to have my answer.

An answer that answers the question.

For no one else.

Just for me.


The meaning of life is the moment I’m living right now.

There is no other truth.

There is no other explanation.

There is no other meaning than right now.

Every moment.

I have ever lived.

Up until this very point.

Is the meaning of my now.

Every moment.

I will ever live.

From this very point.

Is influenced by my now.

The meaning of my life is my now.

I am Timi