Creatures of the night.

We come alive.

As the sun goes down.

We are creatures of the night.

The yawns at dusk.

Betray the awakening.

As creatures of the night come alive.

Crawling out of the daytime caves.

Debauchery on the mind.

Inhibitions left behind in pricey libations.

In search of city lights.

As they prowl city nights.

Creatures of the night.

Swagger and sway.

Creatures of the night.

See the gritty reality.

In the vibrant darkness.

The dalliances with the night.

Of blurry faces.

And varying races.

Addictive to these nocturnal ones.

As the night ends.

As the sun rises.

Creatures of the night.

Find their way back.

To their daytime caves.

With more stories to tell.

And piles of regrets mounting.

They’ll be back after dark.

Because they’re creatures of the night.

I am Timi