More than anything.

I’m fascinated.


By tiny little details.

On their own Just tiny little details.

Individually benign.

Individually small.

Individually insignificant.

Altogether however.

And sometimes on their own.

They create and become works of art.

The last two days I’ve spent in Powerscourt Townhouse.

A place that altogether is a work of art.

But also a place for creating art.

The building is not short of little details.

Each new visit is a trip to something new.

Someplace new.

Someone new.

For the first time in years, I noticed these bulbs.

On the top floor.

Ina little cafe.

Tiny little things.

Easy to miss.

Easy to forget.

Coming down from the roof.

All in a row.

I’m obsessed of course.

Obsessed by the lights.

The bulbs.

The filaments.

The lines on the roof behind them.

These tiny little details.

Made my trip something new.

Made my trip someplace new.



I am Timi

– Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin, September 10 –