It is late summer.

Not a cloud in the sky.

It is hotter than it should be.

Yet I wallow in discontent.

Here I am.


Walking along.

Plodding to nowhere.

From nowhere.

Nowhere at all.

I stop every now and again.


I feel the world is watching.

Just a little too close.

It irritates me.

Right under my skin.

I can feel eyes.

In the back of my neck.


I continue walking.

Walking along.

Looking for a safe place.

A quiet place.

Anywhere will do.

I stop.


It is quiet all around me.

No one around.

It is peaceful.

One could say serene.


A phone rings.

It is answered.

A couple walks.

Hand in hand.

A woman runs.

In a hurry.

There are no eyes on me.

No one cares.

They’re too busy.


I don’t know what depresses me more.

I am Timi

– Dublin Castle, Dublin, 17 September 2015 –