There is something about travel, something about leaving one climate and culture and going on an adventure; finding something new, something exciting, something refreshingly different on the other side…

A few weeks ago, I found myself in Turkey, a country I love for so many reasons. The weather is one. The people another. The pace however is what I’ve come here for… 

You won’t have found me in one of the big cities, milling thronging crowds.

You won’t have found me in a mega club, sweating my soul away.

You will have found me soaking up the pace. The slow, almost lethargic pace of the locals. You will have found me on the beach, on a boat, sailing around the Mediterranean, not a care in the world. A refreshingly different departure from the day to day rush and chaos of everyday life. 

Above all, this is why I love to travel.

I love to travel for a change of pace. To add a bit of sparkle into my life. Soaking up the sounds of waves lapping around me in the open ocean.

Lying in the sand, nothing but a book, sunglasses, a phone with a decent camera and some refreshments to keep me hydrated. Something sparkling on my tongue, low in calories and sugar. Something refreshing. 

This is different alright.

Refreshingly different.

I am Timi