Dublin means.

More to me.

Than I ever.

Thought it would.

Sometimes however.

Like a fish in water.

I sometimes forget.

On a conscious level.

Which I my mind.

Is a wicked betrayal.

To this city.

Which I hold dear.

Today however.

Surrounded by friends.

Friends I call family.

I was reminded.

How Dublin is no more.

No more than friendships.

No more than family.

No more than freedom.

No more than you.

No more than I.

She is in us all.

All I need.

All you need.

I a reminder.

Thank you to the team at Dublin 2020, who are attempting and succeeding on many levels to bring The Capital of Culture to my city. 

To our city.

Thank you to Dublin for embracing the cultures of many and making us all one; because Dublin is more than those of us who live here. She is home to all who claim her. We are all Dubliners you and I, so what are you going to do about it?

I’m on #TeamDublin.

Are you?

I am Timi