There comes a time.

When we ask ourselves.

A question.

Am I in love?

We need to know.

Don’t we?

And why is that?

Why do we need.

To know.

When we are.

In love?

When sometimes.

We don’t even know.

What love is?

What is it about.

The irrational.

Nature of love.

That makes us.

Want to know?

What is it.

About the heartache?

About the indecision?

About the awkwardness?

That makes us.

Need to know.

If we are in love?

Whatever love is.

I think we need to know.

We care.

Because how will we ever know.

If someone else loves us?

I am Timi

Whitefriar Grill, Dublin, 21 September 2015 –