Today is a big day.

Of all the places I’ve been.

I’m finally coming home.

To Dublin.

My trips around the country with JJ Kavanagh have taken me to places I’d never thought of visiting; places with their own unique charm and sense of self. I’ve been to the quaint yet lively Clonmel, I’ve been to the quietly vibrant Carlow. I’ve been to the historical cities of Waterford and Kilkenny and I’ve been to the reemergence Limerick.

I’ve learned so much in the last year over what it means to be Irish, what it means to live in Ireland and what it means to claim her culture. This delights me because I can now claim to be more than just a Dubliner; I can now claim to be a fully fledged Irishman. Not just formally with a passport but also informally and inside myself.

Today I’m home.

I’m not taking a bus.

But I’m still with JJ Kavanagh.

As we explore my city.

In a way I haven’t before.

I guess I’m like Dorothy.

And there’s no place like home.

Look out for #TrailsOfIreland, we’re here all weekend.

I am Timi

– King Street, Dublin, 29th September 2015 –