We’re obsessed with looking up at the moment aren’t we?

It’s a kind of trend right now.

Look up! Look up! Everyone seems to say.

No one is looking down and listening to the city speak.  

Because the city does speak back to us. In a million ways, in a thousand places; in millions of hues, in a thousand tones. All we have to do, is look down and listen with our eyes. She’s talking and she’s talking to you. 

 Even as you move through her streets, as you are carried through her myriad of lanes, alleys and roads, she guides you. STOP here, wait here, keep moving, LOOK RIGHT. You’d be foolish not to listen to her. She’s been here a while, she’s grown and changed through the ages. She’s seen it all and now she’s talking and she’s talking to you. 

 As we move on and move with her, she reminds and gently nudges in the right direction. So even as you continue to look up, don’t forget sometimes… To look down. 

Follow me as I follow her journey, her stories and listen to her speak.

I am Timi