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Another Day

One day.

Another day.

Today is one.

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Anti Climax

It is late summer.

Not a cloud in the sky.

It is hotter than it should be.

Yet I wallow in discontent.
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Nozzle & Spray

Something new.

Like a gentle breeze.

Quietly blows.

This way.
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Cat’s Eyes

Do you ever feel.

Feel like someone.

Out there.

Is watching you.
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Mirage 23

As I walk.

Through the valleys.

Of the shadows of death.

I feel a terrible hunger.
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Fear & Shame

Why am I.


Why am I afraid?

Afraid of being afraid.
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Brightened By The Night

I often wander.

I often wander the streets.

I often wander the streets at night.

I’m blissfully brightened by the night.
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More than anything.

I’m fascinated.


By tiny little details.
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On The Fringe

It’s been a whirlwind since I’ve been home from Turkey.

An absolute whirlwind.

I thought I’d be disconnected after a week away.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.
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Wandering around my city.

Late into the night.

There’s a feeling in the air.

It feels like home.
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Is it too much to ask.

One simple question?

Is it too much to ask.

To be free?
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Axis Mundi

Have you ever just sat there.

Just sat there.

And let your mind pour out?

Just empty out completely?
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