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Invigorate the heart.

Everything else will fall into place.
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So do something

Just off Camden Street.

Is a piece of art.

A piece of truth.

And a piece of reality.

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Not an Album Review: Control

When the beat drops, you know you’re in for something special. 

Album: Control

Artist: Fyfe

🎢 it’s getting late 🎢 

Fyfe kicks off Control with Conversations

A piece of magic inviting you into his world of Control.

Or lack of it.

When the hook hits.

It hits hard.

And you stay hit for an album that is a lap with ten more body breaking turns.

 πŸŽΆ the light in Amsterdam is fading 🎢

Building from a slow tempo.

Holding On brings you on a trip.

A trip through near identical hotel rooms.

A plea to a heart on the edge of giving up.

It ebbs and flows.

It is beautiful.

Trust me.

 πŸŽΆ living isn’t easy when you’ve been free and it’s taken away 🎢

There’s something haunting here.

That self doubt.

That self consciousness that we carry with us.

That we know intrinsically.

Fyfe puts it all in on Solace.

Control gets inside you.

Leaves you insecure.

🎢 if I asked you to dance, would you think me a fool 🎢

Polythene Love begins with a beautiful hypothetical conversation.

It grows into a story.

Of loss.

Of rejection.

Of questioning.

 You’re not in Control.

But that’s okay.

Fyfe is on the wheel.

🎢 everything I do, everything I do 🎢

Every single beat of the drum.

Every note on the piano.

Every breath uttered on For You.

You get the impression it was just that.

For you.

Dripping with emotion.

When the horns come in.

Prepare to lose it.

 πŸŽΆ I feel it coming in waves 🎢

The keys leave a beautiful melody in your mind.

The drums come in.

The tempo kicks up.

You’re transported to another world.

 My favorite track on the album.

Poetically and lyrically outstanding.

  In Waves is a simple masterpiece.

Call the oxymoron police. 

🎢 if I call out, will you find me 🎢

 Lies , PT 2 has the task of following In Waves.

And does so brilliantly.

The most minimal track on Control.

Fyfe croons.

Fyfe moans.

He pleads.


And in repetition, he unsettles you.

You aren’t in Control.

He is.

🎢 don’t leave 🎢

 Keep it together is what chart music should sound like.


Scratch that. 


At this point you’re onto him.

You know what his game is.

He’s brought you astray.

And you love Fyfe for it.

There are so many layers here.

You’d be a fool not to love it.

 πŸŽΆ you can cure this pain, slipping through my veins πŸŽΆ

Haunting at first.

Veins moves into an almost litanous melody.

A tale of worship.

Told in the darkest way.

 Halfway through veins you’ll need your hand held.

You’ll need someone to cure your pain.

Building up to a crescendo that more than takes your breath away.

Then abandons you.

 πŸŽΆ waiting on those tables in sunny St Tropez 🎢

Another one of those multi layered pieces of magic.

St Tropez is never what you expect.

It leads you left.

Looking right.

It leads you right.

Looking left.

When he starts making promises.

You hear the honesty in his voice.

It’s raw.

🎢 oh darling… When I’m with you 🎢

Control comes to a close with Control.

A heavy end to a heavy album.

Heavy in emotion.

Heavy in musical beauty.

Heavy in it’s  lyrical mastery.

Fyfe finishes with a bang.

An acknowledgement.

That in love, being able and willing to lose control, is being in control.

I am Timi



It keeps coming.

In waves.

In waves and waves.

It looms and batters.

It bends and destroys.

It keeps coming.

In waves.

In waves and waves.

It’s ominous and powerful.

It’s monstrous and repetitive.

It keeps coming.

In waves.

In waves and waves.

I see it coming.

I know it’s near.

The ebb and flow.

The retreat and crash.


It keeps coming.

In waves.

In waves and waves.

It brings goodness from the deep.

Leaves destruction in its wake.

It keeps on coming.

In waves.

In waves and waves.

But I am the shore.



But unmovable.

I am Timi

10 ways to win at life

We all have questions.

We all want.

We all need answers.

You need to know how to win at life.

I know 10 ways to do that.

10. Be you

 9. Be yourself 

 8. Just be you

7. Just be yourself 

 6. Just be yourself. Seriously. 

 5. Are you getting the point? 

 4. Just be your fucking self. 

 3. Apologies for the outburst. I was just being myself.

2. Enjoy who you are. 

1. Only you can be who you are. Only you can be the best you. Stop trying to be like other people. You can’t win at that game.

  I am Timi



Do we not want to be better?

Do we not want to be bigger?

Do we not want to be higher?

Than we have been before?

Do we not seek adventure?

Do we not seek new experiences?

Do we not seek new escapades?

Or do we have to settle?

It is no surprise.

When we are just outside.

What we define as a comfort zone.

We are energized and new.

We are revitalized and fresh.

We are reinvigorated.

There is our longing.

For something bigger.

Something more.

Something better.

That we just can’t shirk.

And why should we?

I am Timi


In our desperetion

We’re constantly searching.

In our desperation.

We’re frantically searching.

Searching for something new.

Something else.

Something bigger.

Something different.

Something more.

I guess it is in our nature.

To not be content.

To want more.

To seek a perfection.

That’s always just beyond reach.

That’s our curse.

That’s our blessing.

To search.

To keep searching.

I am Timi

In the beginning

I’m inspired by greatness.

I’m excited by possibilities.

I’m grateful for friendships.

Big things start with little ideas.

Huge actions start with small motions.

As great as the end product tends to be.

It is the build up that excites me.

Those first few brushstrokes.

Turning the dial on the camera.

I think sometimes.

We are too focused on the end product.

To enjoy the process.

I think sometimes

we are too focused on delivering.

To know where we are.

I think sometimes.

We are so overwhelmed by pressure.

We forget our friends.

We forget our mentors.

We forget our heroes.

I think sometimes.

We forget.

We just forget.

Why we started.

In the first place.

I am Timi


Someone once told someone.

They sat him down.

Looked into his eyes.

The eyes of a troubled soul.

Eyes misted over with tears of rejection.

They said to him.

“Just be you”

They said to him.

“Only you can be you”

They said to him.

“Stop trying to fit in”

They said to him.

“Remember, if you can’t be yourself, you are being someone you don’t want to be… What type of way is that to live?”

That troubled soul stood up.

When he did.

He stood tall.

I was him.

I am him.

I am Timi 

The Crowd

We are one you and I.

You and I are one.

Cut from the same cloth.

You and I are one.

Our fears.

Our joys.

Our hopes.

Our dreams.

Our thoughts.

Our feelings.

Our doubts.

Our insecurities.

They are all the same.

You and I are in the crowd.

We’re pushing.

We’re harrying.

We’re striving.

We’re struggling.

For just one reason.

To break away.

We want to break away.

We need to break away.

We need to see the crowd.

And think to ourselves.

I used to be there.

I am Timi


Before Me

Hundreds of faces flash before me.

Every day.

Hundreds of people rush by me.

Every day.

Hundreds of voices float by me.

Every day.

Hundreds of lives live past me.

Each life so complex.

Each life so dear.

Each life with problems.

Each life with joy.

Every day I wonder.

What faces might slow.

What people may stop.

What voices I’ll l hear.

What lives I’ll touch.

Every day.

Faces continue to flash past me.

I am Timi.


Bit by bit.

You overcome your fear.

Bit by bit.

You get somewhere.

Bit by bit.

You get further on.

Bit by bit.

You grow and grow.

Let your hobbies grow,

Let your love grow,

Let your passion become,

More than just a pastime.

Bit by bit.

You’ll pass a marker by.

Bit by bit.

The milestones will seem to fly by.

I am Timi

Celebrating milestones; if only internally, seems to me to be a powerful thing to do. I can look back at where I’ve been; both inside and out, and I can say that, “yes! I have achieved something”. No matter how small that achievement may be. I will celebrate my milestones.

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