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Is it too much to ask.

One simple question?

Is it too much to ask.

To be free?
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Axis Mundi

Have you ever just sat there.

Just sat there.

And let your mind pour out?

Just empty out completely?
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Can You?

Four simple words.

One simple question.

One complex answer.

“Can You Feel It?”
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One Small Step

The first step.

The very first step.

Is the very hardest.

But it’s worth it.
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Tiger Dublin Fringe

It’s been an interesting year so far.

I’ve had lots of little personal milestones.

Things are starting to really fall into place.

I’ve been lucky.
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Late evening walks around a sunny Dublin town.

Making my way past the cobbles of Temple Bar.

It seems to me like the world is slowing to a stop.
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Exacting Rhapsody

I’m incredibly elated today.

Incredibly so.

I’m on that proverbial cloud 9.

And rightly so.
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A whiff.

A whiff of conversation.

A conversation.
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We all go through it.

We all go through a time.

A time when we ask ourselves.

What is life?
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Within the simplicity of Dublin lurks a complexity.

A complexity that mirrors most of our innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions.
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Honey Vale

I’m home.

For me, there’s no place quite like it.

But I do love to get away and I’m lucky that I get to do that at least once a month with JJ Kavanagh.

I get to travel to new places in Ireland.

I get to see how other people work, have fun, live and think.

Even within a relatively small country, the differences can be massive.

Clonmel was no different from my other trips in that it was full of surprises, intrigue, lots of fun and even mystery.

It was the only place so far that I’ve been on a pub crawl with town counsellors, directors of the chamber of commerce and the mayor of the town itself.

I’m still hanging.

Anyway, I’m home.

And it is back to reality.

However, everyday is still an adventure.

All you have to do is make it so.

I am Timi

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I am just a man.

Standing in front of himself.

Asking him to know him.

I am just a man.

A man.

I am just a man.

With no control.

No control over the world.

No control over what it has in store.

In store for me.

I am just a man.

A man with a plan.

A plan I have no control over.

I am just a man.

A man who can do the best he can.

That is all I can do.

The best I can.

That is all I can control.

My effort.

I cannot control what comes of my effort.

I cannot control what comes of my plans.

But I can damn well try.

After all.

I’m just a man.

I am Timi

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