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No Man’s Land

This is no man’s land.

This is where chaos and unpredictability.

Are the order of the day.

This is where I want to be.
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Slaves & Silver

Slaves and Silver.

Is what it comes down to.

Slaves for silver.

Is what we ever are.
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Stay Calm with Timi Ogunyemi.

I am not a fan of my voice.

However, this conversation kickstarted a chain reaction.

Now I cannot stop thinking.

I cannot stop talking.

I cannot stop writing.

Stay Calm

A couple of years ago I noticed this youngfella wandering around certain streets of Dublin looking extremely colourful and almost like a famed travel writer from San Francisco, he had just moved here to take up a desk in a brand new magazine venture run by the same people who brought you Vice. Wrong but not too far off actually.
Timi is constant with his project PictureThisDublin and anyone who has the fire about Dublin like he does, gets my vote. I’ve had a couple of quick chats with him but always wanted to see if there was something extra, maybe there was a chink in the armour, was it all a big setup for the impending TV career hosting some crazy game show, no such luck. He comes across caring, caring about that he was β€˜Made in Dublin’ but yet born in the big city of Lagos. Theres the…

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Just Writing

I’m writing this post right now.

My thumbs float over my tablet.

They come down over charachters.

I don’t quite have a plan.

There’s no structure in my head.

I’m literally just writing.



I’m writing this post for almost no reason.

I say almost because there’s a reason why we do anything.

I’m sitting in a bar.

Drinking a Japanese lager.

I’m sitting in a bar.

Listening in on the conversation of strangers.

I’m sitting in a bar.


But not alone.

I’m sitting in a bar.

But my mind is wandering.

It’s not quite going anywhere.

It’s moving without structure.

As my mind wanders.

My thumbs type.

My mind wanders.

My thumbs type.

My mind wanders.

My thumbs type.

I’m not happy.

But not sad.

I’m smiling.


As my mind continues to wonder.

I’m smiling.


As my thumbs continue to type.

I am content.

I am Timi

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