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In our desperetion

We’re constantly searching.

In our desperation.

We’re frantically searching.

Searching for something new.

Something else.

Something bigger.

Something different.

Something more.

I guess it is in our nature.

To not be content.

To want more.

To seek a perfection.

That’s always just beyond reach.

That’s our curse.

That’s our blessing.

To search.

To keep searching.

I am Timi

Hello There

Hello there.

Hello there you.

Well hello!

Are you well?

Because you’re looking well.

What are you doing down there.

Down here.

On your own.

In the back room.

At the side.

On your own.

You’re pretty cool.

You’re really cool, don’t you know?

The party is in full swing.

There’s people looking for you.

Come join the party.

Before it’s over.

I am Timi



Doors are an enigma.

Doors represent two things.

At the same time.

Doors say enter.

While also saying go away.

Doors say stop.

While also inviting you in.

Each door represents a chance.

A roll of the dice.

A spin of the wheel.

A game of chance.

Each door represents an opportunity.

Each door represents a risk.

All you have to do.

Is knock.

I am Timi 

These pictures were taken behind Yamamori on Bachelors Walk


It’s here.

It’s there.

It’s all around you.


It’s there.

If you only look for it.

It’s here.

It’s there.

It’s everywhere.

Get inspired.

By anything.

Get inspired.

By everything.

I am Timi.

Pictures from Jin Yong’s current exhibition in Gallery 27 ❤️

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