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In our desperetion

We’re constantly searching.

In our desperation.

We’re frantically searching.

Searching for something new.

Something else.

Something bigger.

Something different.

Something more.

I guess it is in our nature.

To not be content.

To want more.

To seek a perfection.

That’s always just beyond reach.

That’s our curse.

That’s our blessing.

To search.

To keep searching.

I am Timi

The Words

It’s funny.

It’s really funny.

Really it is.

I think sometimes it is.

I think that life does funny things.

At funny times.

In funny ways.

Sometimes it really isn’t so funny.

Sometimes you’re the joke.

Sometimes you’re the punchline.

Sometimes you just don’t get it.

I’ve sort of got used to that now.


Life and its meandering ways.

I started writing here as an escape.

A vent.

Some way to let out some demons.

Demons I didn’t quite know existed.

Until I started writing.

Then things came out.

I think it scared me.

I think I realized something.

I’m just like the strangers out there.

I’m alone; although I’m not.

I think it scared me.

I guess there’s no point to this.

Well maybe just one.

I’m not scared of words.

I think.

I guess I don’t really now.

I’m on the bridge.

I’m alone.

But I’m not alone.

The words surround me.

I am Timi

Under The Iron Sky

I lay on a grassy knoll.

The dewy grass below me.

It grows around and into me.

My arms stiff.

My legs rusted over.

I move neither forwards.

Nor backwards.

Nothing to do but stare at the sky above me.

The skies are grey.

The skies are cold.

The skies are unchanging.

The skies are iron.

I am stuck.

Under an iron sky.

No warmth to move me.

No peace nor solace.

From the torment of my unchanging surroundings.

No reason to go on.

Except for one.

Tomorrow the iron sky.

May just be a liquid blue.

I am Timi

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