When I started writing writing this blog, it was always with the intention of exploring my subjective headspace with each shot as I continue to mature into my photography.

I often wonder why I continue, even though I know I cannot stop. 

I e never understood so much.

I’ve never felt so in control.

I’ve never felt so much myself than I have since I’ve started writing.

Since I’ve started to think about where and what I’m doing. Not just while taking photographs, but at all times.

I’ve accepted something I never really had.


It’s really very interesting to me.

Last year I was told, “creating is therapeutic”

But I never felt like I created anything.

Bit by bit I’m accepting that I am.

Bit by bit I’m enjoying the enjoyment I get from creating.

Bit by bit, I’m getting in touch.

In touch with another side.

I am Timi