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August 2015


The longest of days.

In the longest of ways.

Head pounding.

Tired to the bone.
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One Small Step

The first step.

The very first step.

Is the very hardest.

But it’s worth it.
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Creatures Of The Night

Creatures of the night.

We come alive.

As the sun goes down.

We are creatures of the night.
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Award Season

So here we are again.

It’s that time of year.

No it’s not Christmas.

No it’s not the Christmas sales.
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No Man’s Land

This is no man’s land.

This is where chaos and unpredictability.

Are the order of the day.

This is where I want to be.
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The chants of the masses…

We made it!

They chant.

We made what!?
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Tiger Dublin Fringe

It’s been an interesting year so far.

I’ve had lots of little personal milestones.

Things are starting to really fall into place.

I’ve been lucky.
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More or Less (1/2)

We’re moving.

Moving as one.

Moving as many.

Moving as part of something more.
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Slaves & Silver

Slaves and Silver.

Is what it comes down to.

Slaves for silver.

Is what we ever are.
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I Know It Well

I’m on a journey somewhere.

I’m headed somewhere.

Don’t you know?
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She comes.

Just like every other.

She returns.
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Late evening walks around a sunny Dublin town.

Making my way past the cobbles of Temple Bar.

It seems to me like the world is slowing to a stop.
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