Within the simplicity of Dublin lurks a complexity.

A complexity that mirrors most of our innermost thoughts, feelings and expressions.

What started as an arranged marriage between two unwitting participants.

Has blossomed into something more than either of us could have imagined.

In Dublin I’ve found a kindred soul.

One of those rarest of events that is meant to occur once or twice in a lifetime.

Three times if we are lucky.

I’ve found a familiarity and an empathy in a series of events.

In a multitude of places.

In a sea of faces.

In what I’ve come to call my city.

As I’m slipping on wet and slippery cobbles in the old Temple Bar.

As I’m finding love while waiting for a train at Connolly to take me to Sandymount.

As I’m bumping into a dog patiently to catch a bus in the Docklands.

I see the reflections of myself in Dublin city.

In its rivers and windows.

In this smallest of capital cities.

I can see the indecision.

The excitement.

The rage.

The immaturity 

The hope for something more that I think and feel. 

It is in this most vibrant of quiet towns.

That I can see the creativity.

I can see the guile and the sense of impunity that I’ve grown into.

The more I mature into the person I am, the more I see the city of Dublin in me.

The more I feel the city of Dublin in me.

I am Timi