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Today is a big day.

Of all the places I’ve been.

I’m finally coming home.

To Dublin.
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Refreshingly Different

There is something about travel, something about leaving one climate and culture and going on an adventure; finding something new, something exciting, something refreshingly different on the other side…
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The Open Sea

i spent the day sailing.

Sailing slowiling.

Slowly sailing across the Aegean Sea.
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Slaves & Silver

Slaves and Silver.

Is what it comes down to.

Slaves for silver.

Is what we ever are.
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Lockwood Court

I left my heart somewhere.

I left it safely there.
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I remember when I used to dream.

I remember a time.

When I would go to bed.

When I would close my eyes.

I remember a time when I was excited to go to sleep.

I remember a time.

When that was my escape.

When the world of the night was my refuge.

I remember a time when I lived inside my dreams.

My eyes would close.

My mind would wander.

Tonight I would be a bird.

A bird the size of a car.

I would soar over high.

Over the highest mountains and jagged peaks.

I would swoop low.

Skimming over the glassy surface of a crystal sea.

Tonight I would be a fish.

The most beautiful translucent fish in the ocean.

I would explore through the deepest depths.

And learn all its secrets.

I would swim to the farthest points.

And bring back all the news.

I remember a time.

When the night was my shelter.

I remember a time.

When my mind was my most powerful tool.

I remember a time.

When I was a child.

And I think to myself.

I am a child.

Or I can be.

Every night is another night to remember.

Every night is another night to dream.

Every night.

I can close my eyes.

Every night I can be another me.

Every morning, I can smile.

I am Timi

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