I am searching.

For something.

I’m not quite sure.

What it is.

It is all a bit strange.

The last while.

It is all a bit strange.

The things.

Which have been said.

The things.

Which have been done.

It has been.

Nothing short.

Of an emotional roller coaster.

To say the least.

There have been dips.

There have been zips.

There have been.

Slow moving bits.

But here I am again.

On another apex.

Here I am again.

Anticipating a high.

Here I am again.

But the ride has stopped.


Ever so suddenly.

I am tasked with something.

Something that could.

Make or break.


I have been tasked.

With searching.

Deep inside.

My mind.

Deep inside.

My wells.

Of creativity.

For something new.

For something bold.

For something striking.

I can almost see it.

Almost feel it.


Not quite.

Not long now.

I’m still searching.

But I’m almost there.

Let the ride continue.

I am Timi